Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 2009 Stock Market Forecast

October 8 to November 6, 2009

The Yang Wood Dog Month shows strong earth energy. Markets likely to be volatile, with risk of great losses due to greed and manipulations. First half shows potential for gains, Second half most volatile and will be the cause of the financial market downfall.

Favourable industries/sectors: Wood and Metal

Financial Astrology:

There are Bullish and Bearish Planets in the Sky. Who will win the battle: Bull or Bear?

Watch these dates:

1.Oct 12 – Jupiter direct

2.Oct 15 – Mid point Saturn Uranus Opposition

3.Oct 29 – Saturn enters Libra

Technical Analysis:

US Market: After Wave 4 down is completed, next is Final Wave 5 up. Will Wave 5 up come? Will it truncate? When it truncates, fasten your seat belts, as Phase 3 down will start.

October is the number one Stock Market Jinx?

October 11 2009 – 2nd anniversary of October 11 2007 Stock Market Crash, start of this Bear Market Phase 1 Cycle!

Heavenly Seven! Magic Seven!

On October 6 2009 or October 9, 2009, this Bear Market Rally or Phase 2 of Bear Market will be Seven Months old. Will this signal the end of Phase 2 of Bear Market, triggered by the number Seven?

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