Sunday, September 13, 2009

Voyage to Bottom of the “C”

Have we reached “Sea Level”? When will we start the next Dive in the Voyage to the Bottom of the “C”?

Below is a list of possible Dates that DOW might have reached “Sea Level” (Phase 2 Top) or start of the Dive (Phase 3):
  1. September 11 2009 – Oops! After accounting for error made in estimating the 1.5 weeks notice that Heaven shall give, this should be the likely start date. This also coincides with the September 11 2001 Stock Market Time Cycle and Pluto direct. Wah, also coincide with Stock Market Time Cycle Model – Formula 1.
  2. September 14/15 2009 – Saturn Uranus Opposition
  3. September 16 2009 - 28th day of 7th Lunar Month per study done by an expert
  4. September 18 2009 – New Moon. Fibonacci 0.382 of Time Wave travelled by Wave A. This is also the Jewish New Year! Middle of Mercury Retrograde Cycle.
  5. September 21 2009 – Start of Fall Equinox. Fibonacci 0.382 of Time Wave travelled by Wave A (rounding up). It's a Holiday in Singapore, Muslims New Year on September 20 2009. Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!
Still remember I have a Stock Market Time Cycle Model – Formula 1? had been in “cold storage” until the past few days that I took a look again. It had been identifying the correct Turn Dates but not the correct direction! Will it be right this time in identifying the correct Turn Date and Direction?

Look at the Dow Chart of the “Future”, a forecast made by an expert financial astrologer, that I received 2 days ago from a reliable source. Can you tell when the “Sea Level” will be reached, when the Dive will start and where the Voyage to the Bottom of the “C” will be? “agar agar” lor!

Hmm... if it does not happen, then watch October 2009 which would likely be worst!

Learn from Mr Giraffe! Be Prepared!

So, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belt and prepare to ride the Voyage to the Bottom of the “C”!

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