Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trend Lines Make You Rich!

“Trend line analysis is a little known art. It is something that takes years to train the eyes to see easily. Trend line analysis is not something easy and that is why people do not learn it. Once trained, it opens a whole new world.” Said one expert US Trader.

I started learning and applying trend line analysis on Straits Times Index and key component stocks. I was amazed at how accurate it can be used to “predict” the Trading Range for the Day, the key support and resistance values/prices.

It is a leading indicator, better than any other technical indicators which are mostly based on historical data and lagging.

Leading Indicator? Yes, trend lines can be used to “forecast” or “predict” the “future value” of the stock or index. Also indicates if Uptrend or Rally might have ended!

I use trend lines to “forecast” the Trading Range for the Next Day. It increases the probability of success in my STI put warrants trading, giving me a sure win trading method.

Look at the STI Chart for September 29, 2009:

  1. The key support and resistance are the BLUE dotted lines. How I get it? It is my secret weapon.

  2. Other support and resistance lines are in RED. These shows the potential trading range for the day, if trend reversal occurs for current day.

  3. Other support line in GREEN – potential support if uptrend continuation occurs for current day.

What happened to STI today? (refer to the chart)

  1. STI opened, hit 2681 resistance line and dropped. Opportunity to buy put warrant.

  2. During the day, STI hit the various other support/resistance lines, tried to rebound but finally broke the lines. Sell signal triggered on rebound. Buy when break if have the courage lor.

  3. STI dropped to day low and hit 2634 support line, then rebounded.

  4. STI closed, gap up and hit 2672, below the resistance line.

Wah! Train your eyes to spot trend lines! Learn trend line analysis and be on your way to higher profitability! Trend Lines Make You Rich!

(Note: Read together with STI Warrants Trading Tips - Part 4)

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