Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forecasting Business & Stock Market Cycles with Moon

Do you know we can forecast the Business Cycle and Stock Market Cycle using the Moon?

Yes, the Trend of the Business and Stock Market Cycles corresponds with the Moon Cycle!

The Moon has a North Node (called the Dragon Head) and a South Node (called the Dragon Tail). A Moon Cycle takes 19 years, i.e. it takes 19 years for the Moon's North Node to pass through the 12 zodiac signs. Other sources say it is a 18.6 year cycle.

Hmmm..... most important of all, if we know the zodiac sign where the Moon's North Node is in, we will know the Trend of the Business Cycle, and then the Stock Market. See Business Cycle Chart (click to enlarge).

Oops! It is more complex than this. Other Heavenly Bodies (Planets) also got strong influence on the Business and Stock Market Cycles. Like Saturn and Uranus. These can depress or expand the business cycle and affect Stock Market prices also.

Wow! Now I know why the Stock Market is 6 months ahead of the Business Cycle. The Moon's North Node moved out of Aquarius on August 26, 2009, the Stock Market bottomed on March 6, 2009 and now people are declaring we are out of recession 6 months later!

Is the worst behind us? Watch the Sky for Trends!

More in Part 2 to this Article

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