Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lunar Eclipse August 5 2009 & Stock Market

Finally, the crash came! I'm referring to my PC. It crashed this morning after a few months of ups and downs. I just dun know what was the problem but my nephew suspected the hard disk is going to crash. So I was prepared, doing periodic backups of my documents but did not backup the past few days' work. Luckily, my documents are stored in D: drive. I managed to reinstall the system which wiped out my C: drive. But my nephew warned it might crash again if the hard disk has problems. Hmmm....so now I can complete this article.

Do you know why Stock Markets world-wide rallied so madly recently? Now most people are talking of a new Bull Market! The worst is over!

It's all due to the heavenly factor. Look to the Sky for Trends. The planets out there create the optimism, hopes, dreams and illusions, creating the Stock Market Bubbles. Only after the bubbles are big then they will burst. And the time to burst/crash will be when those planets which cause pessimism, reality, etc appear in the Sky!

According to one study, many historical crashes occurred within a window of 9 days around a lunar eclipse which is within six weeks after a solar eclipse. The partial lunar eclipse on August 5th (Full Moon) is within six weeks of the solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. So, there is a potential risk window between July 29 to August 10 (I use trading days).

Will the Stock Markets crash? Or will it be just a minor correction?

1. Based on Elliott Wave Analysis, wave 2 down (US markets) or wave 4 down (STI) is due to start or have started? Will it be a minor correction? What does Elliott Wave Principles say – fibonacci estimates?

2. But sometimes, Elliott Wave count can just be changed depending on the market reaction. Some experts expect a 5 wave up, others expect a 3 wave up.

3. What day is August 6, 2009?

  • Remember what the Fengshui Masters said for second half of Year of OX? According to the Fengshui Masters who use the solar calendar for their forecasting, second half of Year of OX starts on August 7, 2009. So August 6 is the last day of the first half of Year of OX!

  • It is 666 days from the day the Bear Market started in October 2007. It is the number of the Beast! March 6, 2009 was also a 666 days from ??? So, will history repeat?

  • It was a major low based on my Stock Market Cycle Model Formula 1.

Be aware of this potential risk window between July 29 to August 10 2009!

Did you see July 29 reflected in my Stock Market Time Clock on the right sidebar of this blog?

Remember what happened to my PC? I was prepared, thanks to the early warning signals!

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