Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where STI Heading Next?

Daryl Guppy wrote an analysis on Straits Times Index yesterday, June 10, 2009.

Key points to note:

  1. STI has reached the resistance level target near 2400 set by the trading band.

  2. There is a high probability of a trend retracement developing.

  3. A repeat of this behaviour can be seen with the KOSPI where the up momentum has also declined. The KOSPI leads regional markets.

  4. The lower edge of the band near 1460 is the support level. The upper level of the band is near 1940. This is less well defined and the placement of the line is not exact. The apex of the triangle is near 1750 and this is the middle area of this trading band.

  5. The width of the trading band is used as a measure of the potential upside targets. A successful breakout above 1940 sets an upside target near 2400. This is a long term support and resistance area.

  6. The rise to this level created a small consolidation pattern near 2200. This consolidation behaviour will provide support for a market retreat from resistance near 2400.

  7. Traders look for retreat and rally behaviour using 2300 as a support area.

  8. A move above 2400 has a target near 2650. This is a long term support resistance level.

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