Sunday, June 28, 2009

Earn 0.825% on Saving Accounts!

This morning, my sister and I decided to go down to Parkway Parade to do some shopping. Then we passed by the State Bank of India Branch.

Guess what we discovered at the Branch?

As part of the Branch's opening promotion, it is paying customers 50% more interest on savings accounts opened before June 30, 2009. This special bonus interest is payable for the first 3 months only, that's equivalent to 0.825% per annum. Thereafter, the savings account will continue to earn normal interest rate of 0.55% per annum.

Wow! That is too good to resist, compared to my POSB savings accounts which is only earning 0.25% and Mysavings accounts which is earning 0.6% but with conditions. Definitely much better than Fixed Deposit interest rates with no fixed terms attached.

So hurry down to State Bank of India Branch at Parkway Parade by June 30, 2009 if you would like to take advantage of the promotion to earn higher savings account interest.

More information on the "normal " savings accounts at State Bank of India Singapore.

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