Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mercury Retrograde End Market Rallies?

One Astro Expert noted:
  1. Most Mercury retrograde periods come near the end of rallies in the last 2 years
  2. Might suggest weakness during the retrograde period of May 7-30, 2009 and/or soon after in June.

Another Astro Expert noted:

  1. Sudden reversal happen in middle of Mercury Retrograde period.
  2. Mercury entering Sagittarius (May 19-30) tends to correspond to sharply rising prices in precious metals and currencies, and declines in stock prices.
  3. Whatever you think is suppose to happen, usually doesn’t. Many things go exactly the opposite of what you anticipate.
  4. Many bullish and bearish technical signals tend to be negated
  5. A lot of “fake outs” as prices run above resistance and below support, only to reverse again.

One TA expert noted:

  1. In March 2008, the markets rallied for 9 weeks and reversed in the 10th week.
  2. March 2009, markets rallied for 9 weeks, this is the 10th week!

Hmm... I also notice that Fengshui Forecast is less reliable when there is any planet retrograde.

Will the Bear Market Rally end with Mercury retrograde? Will the forecasted reversal in the middle of Mercury Retrograde be short lived? Will markets continue to decline after Mercury Retrograde?

Will the forecast by EWI come true?

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