Monday, April 6, 2009

April 2009 Stock Market Forecast

April 5 to May 4, 2009

This is the Yang Earth Dragon month. As earth energy is extremely strong, markets likely to slow down. Sluggish first half, volatile second half which might result in more losses.

Favourable industries/sectors: Wood and Earth

Week of April 6, 2009: Markets likely to be volatile, some strength on April 9, 2009

Technical Analysis:

Uncertain whether Fibonacci turn window (April 6 to 15) will be a top or bottom. Wave b up might have topped or will be topping. Next is Wave c down which might correct 50% of the rally.

Financial Astrology:

Potential market reversal April 5 to 15. Following are key planetary movements with potential impact on stock markets:

  1. Pluto turns retrograde April 4th. It indicates a market reversal 75% of the time.
  2. Venus square pluto April 3 and May 3
  3. Mars touch Saturn and Uranus opposition April 4 to 15. In 2008, sharp declines in stock market occurred. Will history repeat?
  4. Venus turns direct on April 17, often marked market turns +/- 10 days.
  5. Full moon occurs on April 9, New moon April 24.

Expect lots of volatility!

Would you rather "lose" an upmarket move than lose money when market reverse down?

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