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Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 2009 Global Market Outlook

I was at ATIC 2009 the whole day. Very fruitful trip. Obtained some information on Global Market and Singapore Market Outlook.

So only managed to finish reading the 120-page April 2009 Global Market Perspective – freebie from EWI during this FreeWeek Event - during this late hour. I only read those sections of interest to me.

Have you obtained your free copy? Dun missed out on :

  1. Where is DOW, S&P500, STI, Hang Seng, China Shanghai Composite, Nikkei, Australia, Taiwan, India, Korea, Europe, etc heading?
  2. Where is Gold heading? I've been waiting for this level to come before considering buying.
  3. Where is Oil heading?
  4. And many more!

There is also a summary of Elliott Wave Principle. “Elliott Wave Principle does not provide certainty about one market outcome. It provides an objective means of assessing the relative probabilities of possible future paths for the market.”

Hurry! This offer ends soon. For a limited-time, you can download a 120-page book full of investment analysis and forecasts for every major world market courtesy of Elliott Wave International.

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