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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

April 2009 Stock Market Outlook

What does the Stock Trader's Almanac say for April 2009. Summary of key points:

  1. The Best Six Months for the Dow and S&P end in April.
  2. This is the second year in a row it had been red. Oops, one more month to go!
  3. 2008 was not good after a bad Best Six Months. Beware 2009!
  4. Historically, April is best month for Dow. Oops, will it be in 2009?
  5. The first four days are bullish. Oops, will it be in 2009?
  6. The day after Easter is the worst post-holiday.
  7. Market is prone to some weakness after the April 15 Tax Deadline.

So what is the Stock Market Outlook for April 2009 based on Fengshui?

Oops, thought you know already, I've been writing about it in a few of my blog articles.

Ok, lookout for my crystal ball April 2009 Forecast coming soon!

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