Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Magic of Fibonacci Numbers & Ratios

How do stock market experts know when markets will turn or reverse, from downtrend to uptrend and vice versa?

One of the indicators some stock market experts use is based on Fibonacci numbers & ratios.

Stock Market has cycles. So they track market tops and bottoms and calculate the Fibonacci numbers and ratios to determine the next cycle tops and bottoms. The outcome would be an estimated number of trading days after which the market is likely to turn or reverse.

Very the 'chim' right! I mean complicated hor!

Well, I leave it to the experts to identify the turns, then I check against Fengshui forecast to confirm the direction and trade/invest accordingly, where possible.

So when are the next major turn dates coming? For the start of this bear market rally, i.e. breakout of sideways trend? For the end of this bear market rally?

Lookout for my next article!

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