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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trading with Moons?

Using the Moon as Market Timing Indicator?

Yes, Trading with the Moons.

"You can buy Full Moons and sell New Moons, just like you can buy in November and sell in May. The Moons can be used as a guide to mark market turns when the markets get very emotional and volatile. Full Moons are statistically lows.”

November 13 is Full Moon (my lunar calendar marks November 12th as full moon)

"This was the 79th year anniversary of the final November 13th low of the October 29, 1929 crash. If we see a deep low near this Full Moon of November 13th, then the next New Moon of November 27th will most likely be a high. But if we do not see enough selling by the Full Moon, we may continue to decline towards the New Moon as well.”

Above quotes taken from one astro expert.

Let's watch the market, see if Trading with the Moons work with Singapore Stock Market.

Oh, today is 11/11/08, what can happen?

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