Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stock Trader's Almanac 2009 – Summary?

I managed to get a free copy of the Stock Trader's Almanac 2008 yesterday. Now I understand what this book is trying to say.

It actually uses historical data to identify possible market trends or patterns by day, week, month, year and periods, etc and then predicts the possible market trend for the year.

Below is a summary of the Forecast for 2009 that I found while surfing the internet. It ryhmes and riddles, so need to guess what it is trying to tell us hor!

How the Markets Perform (Monthly Market Trends)

"The following verses are excerpted from the beginning page of each month in the Stock Trader's Almanac 2009. Each verse offers insights on how markets have historically fared during each month of the year.

October: October has killed many a bear. Buy tech stocks and soon wear a grin ear to ear.
November: Astute investors always smile and remember. When stocks seasonally start soaring, and salute November.
December: If Santa Claus should fail to call. Bears may come to Broad and Wall.
January: 20th Amendment made “Lame Ducks” disappear. Now, “As January goes, so goes the odd-numbered year.”
February: Either go short, or stay away. The day before President’s day.
March: March has Ides and St. Patrick’s Day. Begins bullishly, then fades away.
April: April “Best Month” for Dow since 1950. Day-before-Good Friday gains are nifty.
May: Was Number One month for nine straight years. But five out of the last ten have caused May tears.
June: Last Day of June not hot for the Dow. But for stocks on NASDAQ, WOW!
July: When Dow and S&P in July are inferior. NASDAQ days tend to be even drearier
August: August’s a good month to go on vacation. Trading stocks will likely lead to frustration
September: September is when leaves and stocks tend to fall. On Wall Street it’s the worse month of all "

Remember “History is a guide, not Gospel”

I've never tested it's forecast, so not sure how accurate hor. Anyway, this is the first time I'm reading it in detail since I got the free e-book.

Alamak! Just found out the above also the same as Stock Trader's Almanac 2008!

Nevermind, let's check out the details at Kinokuniya, hope it is available!

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