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Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Recipe for Retirement Ready

A Recipe for Retirement Ready, created by TSK based on learning experience from Mum.


1. Be Healthy
2. Be Strong
3. Be Mobile
4. Be Alert
5. Be Frugal
6. Be Asset Rich, not Liability Poor

How to:

  1. Stay Healthy, dun let your health eat up your money.
  2. Keep fit and strong, physically and mentally.
  3. Ensure mobility, invest in good pair of shoes to keep legs strong, so physically independent.
  4. Keep your mind alert, play Wahjong, origami or other mind games.
  5. Be Frugal, buy necessities and practical things, then you can save to invest or make money work for you.
  6. Be Asset Rich, keep assets which can make your money grow. Avoid Liabilities which will make you poor or eat up your money, like your car. Then financially free lor!

For more tips, see Money No Enough and Other Investments.

So Invest on Myself. Then I'm on the way liao. Retirement Ready is a journey!

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