Saturday, October 18, 2008

How 2008 Bear Market Compares?

How does this current 2008 Bear Market compare with other historical Bear Markets?

This 2008 Bear Market is already among the worst in history.

The first year of waterfall decline was worst than the first years of the Great Depression Bear Markets, wiping out more than 40% of the stock values at their 2007 peak (S&P).

These were reported in the New York Times on Oct 11, 2008 using an interactive graph below.

The major Bear Markets in history were:

August 1929 to June 1932
Feb 1937 to April 1942
April 1946 to June 1949
Oct 1968 to May 1970
Dec 1972 to Oct 1974
Oct 1980 to Aug 1982
July 1987 o Dec 1987
Feb 2000 to Oct 2002

A few other bear markets were also included in the graph. Click on the diagram to see the interactive display.

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