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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Get $100 Cash From Maybank - No Joke!

On Sunday, we were at Starhub, Plaza Singapura to help my brother-in-law cut his telephone bill.

Outside, Maybank was holding a roadshow. Signup for Maybank credit card, get $100 credited to the card on first spend and enjoy 10-years fee waiver.

Wow! Money drop from the sky, catch it!

What's more, submit CPF statement online on-the-spot, then play the computer "one-arm bandit" and win free gifts!

Wow! My sister won a complimentary Swensen's ice-cream sundae voucher, while my brother-in-law and sister won a complimentary Swensen's Cappucino drink voucher each.

Who say's there is no free lunch! Oops, free $$$!

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