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Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Save Water, Save Money!

Drink up and stay healthy. 10 glasses of water a day, keeps the doctor away!

Water gives one the most health benefits and it's virtually free. The best detox agent, it also helps alleviate constipation. My chinese physician recommended we should drink 1 glass of water if we wake up early, then go back to sleep. Then when it's time to wake up, we will be able to do our 'business' in the toilet smoothly.

Ha ha, like what is happening to the Stock Market this October Month, lao sai (diarrhoea) non-stop caused by too much Water Elements in the day, month and year! Oops, human beings no lao sai if drink too much water lah!

So next time, don't save water but drink more water. Save money, cut expenses on soft drinks and other drinks. Drink up and stay healthy!

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