Saturday, October 11, 2008

Always Retirement Ready!

Always Retirement Ready! Oh, I'm referring to my Mum!

My dad (deceased) loved my mum very much. He had taken good care of her. He even said "though we were not born on the same date, wish we can die on the same date”

I talked into his ear promising him that me and my sis will take good care of mum. He was already in coma and passed away peacefully hours later. That was almost 3 years ago.

Mum is very strong, healthy and always very hardworking as a homemaker. If not for the hit and run accident which broke her knee-cap, she would be very mobile and able to travel around on her own anytime. She is now less mentally alert. But she should have no worries cos everything she need is taken care of, by me and my sis. She is financially free! Always Retirement Ready!

Me? Share with you tomorrow lor.

Are you Retirement Ready? Will your spouse or children take care of you?

Ask your spouse or children to read my blog. Ask them!

Tomorrow, I'll share with you 6 Things One Must Have to be Retirement Ready.

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