Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome! Global and Singapore Visitors!

Welcome! All Global and Singapore Visitors of this blog!

Thank you for visiting this blog regularly.

Today, I decided to capture the statistics of visitors to this blog as Sitemeter might be down today and/or tomorrow for migration and upgrading. Hopefully it would be better at capturing all information and statistics going forward to help me improve this blog.

I'm not good at technicals so unable to capture the graphics for display here. So just show you the statistics:

By Continent/Countries:

Asia = 75%, 69% Singapore, the rest Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India, Indonesia
North America = 11%, including Canada
Europe = 3%, including Switzerland
Australia = 2%
Unknown = 9%

Most Singapore Visitors were referred by
: forum forum
Shares forum forum
Channel News forum forum

Thank you for visiting and hope this blog will continue to help you preserve and grow your wealth!

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