Saturday, September 13, 2008

Value Investing in Bear Markets

Rules/Principles of Investing should change with time and markets.

Adam Khoo acknowledges we are in bear markets, so he had changed his rules. That makes him different from Warren Buffett, with a more practical or realistic value investing approach which I applaud.

His approach to value investing is long term but applying both fundamental and technical analysis. Technical analysis involves timing your entry/exit.

Here's a summary of what I learnt at the seminar by Adam Khoo/Conrad Lim on Value Investing:

  1. Best Risk Free Instrument to Grow Your Wealth for Different Time Horizons
  2. 8+1 Steps to Buying Great Stocks at Huge Discount
  3. 7 Reasons to Sell a Value Stock – this was in the handouts, he did not cover in the seminar
  4. 4 Growth Strategies, choose the one which best meet your objectives and risk appetite
  5. Why More Than 80% are Losers in the Markets? Books and Courses might not teach you Bear Markets conditions?
  6. Secrets of Fibonacci and Candlestick Analysis.

Which one do you want to know more about first?

I'll share the details of each in future articles.

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