Saturday, September 20, 2008

NTUC Income Growth Plan Pays 4.29%

I've single premium insurance policies which are maturing soon in November, 2008. So need to crack my head to think of where to re-invest the funds. It must be 100% safe and earn good returns. Where to find such investments?

Now NTUC Income is having promotion (ends October 31, 2008) on Growth Plan which can earn up to 4.29% per annum. It is paying extra bonus units so the projected returns will be 4.29% instead of 4.18% for a 15-year term. Guaranteed cash value is $70,318 for an investment of $50,000 for 15 years.

With weak outlook of the Global Economy and my Stock Market Forecast for Next 8 Years, so better to put my money in such save investment which also provides insurance protection!

My agent say I can still benefit from the promotion even though my policies only mature in November, 2008.

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