Monday, September 1, 2008

Free Lanterns and Mooncakes!

Yesterday I brought my mum to Bugis. We passed by UOB, saw them having some promotion. I spinned the fortune wheel and got a free Lantern after spending about 5-10mins with the staff discussing their new structured deposit product. I don't like structured deposits, so told them I'll think about it just to get out. Hahaha, got a free Lantern for my niece's daughter!

Then we went down to Takashimaya. Wah! so many new varieties of mooncakes on sale. Got champagne flavour, black powder D24 durian, mango, papaya, mochi, etc. The only chance to eat all these varieties of mooncakes is to go for free tasting! Hahaha!

My mum likes the teochew ohni (yam), so I bought two ohni and two pumpkin ohni mooncakes for her using my Takashimaya vouchers. I can't remember where I got these free Takashimaya vouchers which don't have expiry dates. Anyway, free mooncakes for her! Hahaha!

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