Friday, September 12, 2008

Free Access to ShareInvestor.Com

Last night, I attended the seminar by Adam Khoo and Conrad Alvin Lim on Value Investing organised by ShareInvestor. I got to attend it for free, thanks to my friend. I called my sister who also attended it for free since there were still vacancies.

It was a very power-packed 3-hour session. Worth my time, very educational and rewarding, things which I've never thought of or put together when investing or trading. I doubt you can learn it from any other trading course advertised in the papers. I'll tell my friends and relatives to attend his free workshops. Trust me, I've no business motive, I'm not selling intellectual property!

I was also rewarded with One Month Free Access to, expires Oct 15, 2008.

I'm giving it away to the first person(s) who email me via Get Email Updates

I'll be sharing what I learnt after I've digested it later.

Good Luck!

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