Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Four Elements: Forces of Wealth Creation?

I received an invitation to attend a talk by Thomas Mathew, IPPFA on Four Elements: Forces of Wealth Creation. The Outline of the Seminar is as follows:

There are 4 elements in the world of Nature – water, wind, fire and earth. Different elements have different habits, behaviour and attitude towards wealth management and investment:

Water: Why they are seldom millionaires and what to do about it.

Wind: They get rich fast, but pay through costly mistakes, learn how to avoid the common traps.

Fire: They are usually millionaires but there are pitfalls they should avoid.

Earth: Over-analyzing makes them fearful, how to push past insecurity and what strategies to employ.

I've to pay $35 to attend but I'm not sure how much I can benefit from this 2-hour talk. I search the internet and cannot find anything about these four elements as explained above. At first I thought it might be related to Fengshui, but they say no. The only thing I can find is horoscopes under these four elements. Hmm, maybe talking about people under different horoscopes, another astrology thing?

Have you attended the talk? If so, can share?

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