Friday, September 26, 2008

Eat Well For Less!

Yong can cook, so can I!

Oops..I mean my Mum (Yong) is a great cook! She cooks the best chilli crabs, curry chicken, salted vegetable duck.... She makes the best teochew rice dumplings you cannot get in the market!

Now, I have learnt 80% of her skills and taken over as chief cook in the house! I cook lunch cum dinner daily. I only cook healthy food cos we are all aging, health is wealth lor! So no more chilli crabs, curry chicken or salted vegetable duck. Got lah, occasionally, I can cook these also you know.

Recently I bought an electric pressure cooker using the $300 voucher I won at a seminar. My mum's favourite is braised pork hock with dark soya sauce. So the pressure cooker helps cook faster, better and saves electricity! Now we can have all our favourite pork ribs soups, with various combination of nuts, cooked well for less!

Yummy Yummy! Fast to cook, good to eat!

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