Sunday, September 28, 2008

Big Walk On Water 2008 – TNP & Fairprice!

On 2 November 2008, as part of The New Paper’s 20th anniversary celebrations, 20,000 people will be invited to take part in this special Big Walk. Registration for the Big Walk this year will be free.

"NTUC FairPrice, Suntec City Mall, PUB and The New Paper all recognised that a visit to the Marina Barrage would not just help Singaporeans fall in love with this new jewel but it would also bring our readers together for a Sunday picnic and a post-walk party at the mall later.”

Start point: Suntec City Fountain of Wealth
End point:
Marina Barrage – Wow this is beautiful!
Distance: About 5km

Return trip: Free shuttle buses from 9am to 1pm from Marina Barrage to Suntec City Mall

Registration: FREE - Just present a cut-out of The New Paper’s new masthead (the logo on the front page) at the registration booths!

What you’ll get:

  1. A special goodie bag from presenting sponsor NTUC FairPrice @ Marina Barrage
  2. A goodie bag from sponsor Suntec City Mall with vouchers, towels, drinks and other freebies @ Suntec City Mall (on return trip)
  3. Raincoat, Sun visor, Paper fan
  4. A chance to win thousands of dollars of NTUC FairPrice vouchers in the Big Walk contests!
  5. To be one of the first to see the new Marina Barrage
  6. A Sunday morning of family fun – a scenic walk capped with a picnic on the beautiful rooftop green at the Marina Barrage, with a view of the city skyline and the waterfront

More details on registration see Big Walk On Water

So, w
hat are you waiting for? Let's go and enjoy the beautiful scenery, get healthy and wealthy!

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