Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Already Bottom - Singapore Stocks?

Have you read Amfraser's STI Forecast dated September 22, 2008?

Below is a summary of Amfraser's STI Forecast with my comments in red:

1. Forecast a potential upside of STI 2700 to 2800 for current rebound, using the Mar to May 2008 rally as benchmark. I think it's tough considering the fengshui energy was strong from Mar to May 2008, but weak now. Depends on Dow for Tuesday night - if -ve then decline continues, if +ve then possible rally a few more days.

2. STI 2300 might be tested again in next 5-6 weeks (around mid-Nov), but unlikely to break. I think it might break in October 2008.

3. STI 2300 might be broken in Feb/Mar 2009. I think the fengshui energy might be strong.

4. STI should bottom out by April/May 2009. I think not so soon. Astrology forecast a big crash in August 2009, let's wait and see.

Regardless of my comments, let's wait for my S.M.A.R.T. - Crystal Ball when the time comes!

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