Sunday, September 28, 2008

4 Singapore Flyer Tickets – Free!

Last year we went on a shopping trip to KL. The organisor offered us a free ride on the Eye on Malaysia, though it was not part of the package tour. We took the ride, then with the experience, we need not take the Singapore Flyer anymore as it is so expensive.

Last week, this organisation called me to attend a presentation. Offered me free lunch plus choice of $50 shopping vouchers, dining vouchers or 2 Singapore Flyer Tickets. Then my mum was down with flu, so I cancelled the appointment. This week, they called me again.

So yesterday, I went there with my mum. No lunch provided, only some snacks. Listened to 90 minutes of presentation on services offered and pestered me to sign up. I'm not taking up the package, it is going to be a long term liability, not an asset! Managed to get ourselves out. Collected 4 Singapore Flyer Tickets, and rushed for our lunch! Ha ha, the counter staff told me they made a mistake, should be 2, not 4 tickets as written in the letter to me!

Ho ho ho! Let's sing together, Santa Claus came! Ho ho ho!

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