Sunday, August 24, 2008

What does “Thomas the Coach” Think?

At INVESTFAIR'08, I was invited to attend a seminar “Breaking the Millionaire Code” by Mr Thomas Mathew. I was told he will also touch on current market outlook and alternative investments. So I signed up for it since it is free. I've attended a seminar by Mr Thomas about 3 years ago and he is a very entertaining and inspiring speaker.

So yesterday morning, I attended the seminar. As usual, it was an entertaining session as he likes to joke. Most of the videos he showed I've seen last time and explains very well the message he tried to put across.

Some interesting points worth sharing here are:

4 Ways to be a Millionaire:

Business, Properties, Internet Marketing & Investment.
One more – Capture Mas Selamat!

Is it time to enter the Stock Market? Points to consider:

  1. Is there Global Liquidity? Looks like funds are getting out
  2. What is the Interest Rate Trend? US$ will be affected
  3. Valuation of the Market? Cheap might get cheaper
  4. Economic Indicator – looks bad?
  5. Risk Premium – how much risk are you taking?

Possible financial market tsunami, so capital preservation is key!

Hmm, he shared the same view as me. Wah, real or not! I mean he also talked about The Joseph Cycle and that the forecast had been very accurate so far!

What are the Alternative Investments?

  1. Gold – he thinks war is likely to breakout and gold price is likely to shoot up to US$1,500. He recently bought gold when price went below US$800.
  2. Some hedge funds which I don't qualify, meant for high network individuals, like SHK Fund, Man Fund which have low correlation with equities.
  3. Avoid infrastructure funds, high risk.
  4. Stay invested despite market shock, but in the right markets.

Note: Thomas Mathew is Senior Partner of IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd. They earn commissions from the Funds you invest with them.

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