Saturday, August 23, 2008

Technical vs Fundamental Analysis? Is it Enough?

Generally, most traders would use technical analysis to make their trading decisions while investors would use technical and/or fundamental analysis for their investment decisions.

However, do you know that an increasing number of institutions, investors and even traders are also using views from another perspective?

Yes, Fengshui Analysis!

You might have already read or heard of the following:
  1. CLSA issued a report highlighting views from their Fengshui Master;
  2. ABN AMRO invited Fengshui Master to speak at their events;
  3. ShareInvestor, organisor of recent INVESTFAIR '08, invited Fengshui Master to speak;
  4. ICPAS invited Fengshui Master to speak;
  5. Technical Analysts Society (Singapore) invited Fengshui Master to speak.

My observations, in this Bear Market, is that technical indicators can fail and fundamentally good stocks can get short down.

So 2As are not enough, I need 3As - Technical, Fundamental and Fengshui Analysis!

So, the safest way to preserve my capital for the short term is to follow my Fengshui Masters forecast - My Crystal Ball (Monthly)!

And most important of all, Focus on the BIG-PICTURE - My Crystal Ball (The Future) – Stock Market Forecast for Next 8 Years!

That's 4As to Beat this Market – Technical, Fundamental, Fengshui and Cycle Analysis!

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