Sunday, August 17, 2008

INVESTFAIR '08 – End of Day 1

Yesterday, I was at INVESTFAIR '08 from 10am to 7.00pm, busy running around from one seminar to another and popping by the booths between free time! Wow, no time for lunch! Today I must bring my own lunch and water!

Were you at INVESTFAIR '08 today? Not to worry if you missed it as most of the seminars were video taped and will be loaded on the website for your free time viewing!

I liked the panel discussion on “Market Focus for the Last Lap of 2008”. I liked Mr. Steen Jakobson's candid closing remarks – don't listen to the paid analyst or journalist, do your own homework! By the way, he is a hedge fund manager!

I liked the talk by Mr Robert Miles on Warren Buffet, especially is his closing joke! There's a part 2 today. If you missed yesterday's session, remember to catch it today!

I also attended “Outlook for 2H08 and beyond” by Mr Song Seng Wun of CIMBK-GK. Hmmm..picture don't look so good, I expected it! The talk by Mr Ray Barros was interesting and there's a part 2 tomorrow. Yesterday, he gave a formula on how to calculate a safe buy/sell price when stocks are trading sideways!

And the good news, I was lucky again, I won a pocket clock from lucky dip at Capitaland's booth!

So see you at INVESTFAIR '08 today!

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