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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Invest in Health to Get Wealth!

After I started working, my first long term investment was a Life Insurance Policy. My dad (deceased) always said don't buy insurance, don't get cheated of your money for something which is unlikely to happen.

So, I only invest in Insurance Policies that is an Asset and not a Liability or Expense for me. With this Protection Policy with NTUC Income, I'm assured of protection in case of death or disability and can get my money back any time. The protection coverage also increases over the years so I need not buy more insurance. Now, my investment is more than doubled todate.

Of course I did buy more insurance. I invested in Life Insurance Policies covering critical illnesses. My investments are growing, so is the insurance coverage.

When I became a full time investor, I bought into Incomeshield to ensure coverage for hospitalisation expenses. Now no choice lah, this is a liability or expense!

Are you covered or invested? It is better to invest when you are still young to enjoy lower premiums.

Now I can only invest in single premium insurance, no more commitment lah, too expensive, cannot afford lah!

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