Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fengshui Forecast for 2008?

Even among Fengshui Masters, their Stock Market Forecasts for 2008 can also differ somewhat. Differences are also noted in their classification of businesses under each of the 5 elements.

2008 is the Yang Earth Rat year, earth over water year. In general, the forecast for 2008 is as follows:
  • First half would be better than second half of the year
  • Sectors/Industries likely to do well: earth, wood and metal
  • Sectors/Industries unlikely to do well: fire, water

Earth eg. Mining, banking, health care, property, etc
Wood eg. agriculture, education, paper, fashion, timber, etc
Metal eg. gold, technology, automobile, etc
Water eg. shipping, water treatment, logistics, transportation/communication, etc
Fire, eg. equity, hospitality, entertainment, etc

Me use my own judgement to identify which business in each sector/industry is likely to do well, eg. under Earth element, I know property is unlikely to do well so is out of my stock picks under Earth element.

In addition, I also need to check in which months the sector/industry can perform and in which months the sector/industry will be weak.

So, what is the outlook for Gold going forward?

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