Sunday, August 31, 2008

ETF, an Alternative to Stock Picks?

Did you attend the ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Seminar by AmFraser Securities yesterday?

Hmm, you might have missed a lot! Even if you have attended, you might have missed something? Luckily, I am going to share with you lah!

Is ETF a better Alternative to Stock Picks and Unit Trust?

If you have problems with picking the right stocks, ETF might be a better alternative. ETF is also better than Unit Trust as you can sell at the price you want, besides many other reasons such as lower costs. There is no restriction on the use of CPFIS-OA funds for ETF, other than for Gold ETF. But there is restriction for purchase of stocks.

Hmm, radar on liao, if bear market rally do come, I'll consider ETF!

When will Wall Street Bottom Out?

Read Najeeb's Views.

New Products for Bear Market?

I got this information during tea-break, must kay poh a bit lah! I understand there is a possibility new products for Bear Market might be rolled out by SGX. Hmm, I shall wait for the announcements, but don't know when lah!

So, wanna consider ETF in your Investment Portfolio?

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