Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crystal Ball using Fengshui Analysis

My Fengshui Master resources I refer to in my previous posting do not provide forecasts for years ahead.

I shall attempt to interpret the possible strength for the stock market based on the 5 elements existing for each year. Please note me no fengshui master. I understand there are other factors they look at such as a hidden element in each year. I'm not sure whether the internet information I use to determine the 5 elements for each year incorporates this hidden element. Anyway, from past experience using the information from the Fengshui Masters, it looks pretty reliable.

Here is the forecast:

2009 Yin Earth Ox (Earth)
2010 Yang Metal Tiger (Wood)
2011 Yin Metal Rabbit (Wood)
2012 Yang Water Dragon (Earth)
2013 Yin Water Snake (Fire)
2014 Yang Wood Horse (Fire)
2015 Yin Wood Goat (Earth)
2016 Yang Fire Monkey (Metal)
2017 Yin Fire Roaster (Metal)

For information only, Yin means negative forces, Yang means positive forces. Each animal is assigned an element as indicated in brackets above. Each year will have 2 elements, one of which is the animal element. So for 2009, the elements are earth over earth. Generally, stock market will have strength when the fire or wood element exists. Metal element will weaken the stock market – eg. August 2008 is Yang Metal Monkey, double metal elements, so stock market undergoing a major correction or crash now. Water element will kill the fire so also no good for stock market.

Based on the elements favourable to the stock market, it appears that stock market should strengthen from 2014 onwards. Why? 2014 has Wood and Fire elements, together these should add a lot of strength to the stock market.

Hope the internet information is correct and my analysis is correct. So I will position for the next Bull Run there!

Not yet lah, to play safe, I will wait for my Fengshui Masters to issue their yearly forecast first!

Good Luck!

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