Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Crystal Ball using Elliott Wave & Fibonacci

I read 2 reports issued by the company of Robert Pretcher, the author of the book "Conquer the Crash”. The reports provided a forecast of DOW using Cycle Theory, Elliott Wave and Fibonacci numbers. The cycle theory adopted includes 3.3-year, 4-year and 10-year cycles.

I summarise the forecast as follows:

  1. About 8 years of general bear market (both commodities and equities)
  2. Commodities likely to bottom in 2013
  3. Stocks (nominal terms) likely to bottom in 2014
  4. Stocks (real dollar terms) likely to bottom in 2016.
Based on The Joseph Cycle, Singapore Stock Market bear run is likely to end in 2014. So this does coincide with that forecasted for DOW in nominal terms.

To obtain your copy of the report from the expert, read November Article

My next forecast will be based on Financial or Stock Market Astrology Analysis.

Let's see whether the time frame coincides.

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