Friday, August 15, 2008

7 Essential Money Skills!

What are the 7 Essential Money Skills to achieve financial freedom?

I attended the free 3-hour workshop conducted by Adam Khoo about 3 years ago and another different one 2 years back. He is a very motivational and inspiring speaker. I became more positive in my outlook and started to remove all the self-limiting thoughts I have. What I do and think are very much influenced by my background and upbringing, and these need to be removed before I can dare to dream, dare to be different!

According to Adam, here are the 7 Essential Money Skills:
  1. The Mindsets and Habits of Self-made Millionaires
  2. How to Design Your Financial Destiny
  3. Develop a Solid Road Map to Your Financial Goals
  4. Build Multiple Income Streams from the Ideas in Your Head
  5. The Cash Flow Management Strategies of the Rich
  6. How to Invest for Higher Returns with Minimal Risk
  7. How to Make Your First Million in the Shortest Period
The free workshops are held quite frequently and I always tell my relatives and friends to attend. No harm, you have a lot to gain and nothing to lose!

Visit AKLTG to find out his workshop schedule and register!

(I'll be very busy as today is the biggest day of the Hungry Ghost Festival, 15th day of 7th lunar month. So that's all for today.)

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