Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The 3 Enemies of Stocks!

Who are the 3 Enemies of the Stock Market?

According to Mr Joseph Cycle, the triple enemies of stocks are War, Interest Rates and Shocks. He wrote “So far, we had CDO Shock. There is potential for war against between Iran's Nuclear Ambition though it is now a bit stale news. It is Interest Rates that we worry now.” - date August 8, 2008.

Who is Mr Joseph Cycle? He is the author of the book “The Joseph Cycle”.

Occasionally, he will pen his thoughts at his website. I always check his website everyday to see what this guru is thinking or doing. Why check daily? Aiyah! His email subscription service is not working!

He also wrote “Bearing the JC in mind, we should tread carefully and avoid being over bullish. To survive the Cycle, remember to indulge only in good strong stocks that can last 14 years as was the case in 1994's Cycle Top. “

JC refers to Joseph Cycle.

Why 14 years? JC = 7 years Bear Market + 7 years Bull Market. Bear Market started in October 2007, so need to wait 14 years to see profits, hopefully!

Not for me man, not within my time line and I don't have deep pockets lah!

Can you wait 14 years? Are you holding on to good strong stocks?

Interested to know what Mr Joseph Cycle is thinking or doing, visit JC Website!

(I'm not his student, have no benefit giving Mr JC free advertisement lah! Ha Ha Ha!)

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