Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Welcome to S.M.A.R.T. Investing with TSK, sharing my Big-Picture approach to Investing in the Stock Market and Other Investments. Get the Big-Picture right and the Big Profits will follow. Investing smart in this market beats reacting to it. I hope some day, some smart investor will take my blog private for their sole benefit, lol! Dare to dream, dare to be different!

Crisis is Opportunity. Volatility is Opportunity. Since October 2007 when the bear market started, people have been looking for a market bottom. However with this bear market which might run from 4-7 years or more, a bottom might not be the bottom yet. To adopt a buy and hold strategy no longer works without accurate timing. So to make money from such opportunities, I need a good market timing tool to determine when to enter/exit my investments.

I use Stock Market Astrology/Fengshui combined with reliable Technical Analysis to forecast the future market direction which helps me Beat the Market with 80% accuracy. “Millionaires don't use astrology, BILLIONAIRES do” ...JP Morgan.

Here, I share with you my money making secrets:

Beat the Market: Explains the Big-Picture Approach I adopt, How I obtain reliable information to forecast the future market direction with 80% accuracy - I'm no Astrologer, Fengshui Master nor expert in Technical Analysis, My success stories using this approach – friends who met me in March 2008 benefited from my forecast for bear market rally in April/May 2008 – heh friends, you know to what to do lah!

Crystal Ball (Monthly): Monthly Forecasts on Stock Market Direction, with weekly and adhoc updates. Crystal Ball (The Future) provides forecasts for a longer term period.

Crystal Ball (Crash Alert): Alerts of potential major market reversals/crashes based on key indicators.

Money No Enough?: Ways to make that extra pocket money to beat inflation.

Other Investments: What other alternative investments can I consider or am I invested in since equities are no longer a safe haven.

Upcoming Seminars: Free seminars you can attend for updates on stock and related investment outlook and opportunities to improve your investing/trading skills.

So lookout for my postings/updates on the above and more.

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