Thursday, March 15, 2018

George Lindsay Long Cycle: DJIA 20 Year Cycle (Part 2)

Now DOW is at a critical juncture!  Will it be Wave 3 down or Wave 5 up?

See chart below
Refer to my previous post and George Lindsay's Long Term Chart:

If A = 2003, then Mar 2003 + 15 years = Jan 26 2018/ Mar 9 2018/ ??

Wait for confirmation

Monday, November 13, 2017

George Lindsay Long Cycle: DJIA 20 Year Cycle

I just found and read an article which Ed Carlson wrote in 2014 about George Lindsay's Long Cycle, see extracts below:

If point A = 2002, then 2002+15 years = 2017
If point D = 2007, then 2007 +10 years = 2017
If point E = 2009, then 2009 + 8.5 years = 2017
Add 2000 + 17 years = 2017

So there are 4 major cycles converging into November 2017, will 2017 = point J ?   see chart below:

Now we just have to wait for confirmation!

WD Gann said: get the correct starting point and you will get the correct end point.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

OCBC x UOB Shared ATM Facebook Contests

OCBC and UOB are having Facebook Contests to promote awareness of their shared ATM network.  For 7 months, the contest is posted in their respective facebook page.  Your just need to guess the location of the image posted and write your creative comment to win $50 worth of NTUC vouchers.  10 winners per month.  The current contest ends mid-night tonight and Dec will be the final contest.

I studied the winners' comments to understand the judges' expectations.  Guess what?

I won $50 NTUC vouchers in the OCBC contest!  Then the month after, I won the UOB contest.  My brother and sisters also won the OCBC and UOB contests.  Total won todate:  7 x $50, hurray!

Now hoping for more wins, only in the OCBC contest cos last month UOB award winners randomly instead of creative comments.  I guess UOB is overwhelmed by the more than 250-300 plus comments, so took the short-cut to save time, haha.  OCBC usually has less participation, still can be more than 200 plus comments.

Good luck my friends in November and December contest!
(I only participate in facebook contests where I have confidence in winning )

Monday, October 30, 2017

Singpost GPO Opening Freebies

Singpost Centre at Paya Lebar was officially opened on October 9 2017.

Make 2 bill payments in one transaction at the SAM Kiosk and be awarded a $5 NTUC voucher, for the first 100 customers daily, maximum of 1000 transactions.

There were 3-4 smart people who made multiple payments at the SAM Kiosk on the first 2 days of the offer, and collected lots of redemption slips to collect the $5 NTUC vouchers.  They found a loophole in the giveaway.  Singpost staff noticed the loophole and made a quick system patch on the 3rd day.

Haha, I only managed to detect the loophole on the second day and only dared to collect 5.  When I wanted to collect more on the 3rd day, oops, there goes the lobang.

Then Singpost Centre also gave away $1 ezlink topup for the first 500 customers who travel via bus/mrt there on weekends for the month of October 2017.   Yes, I managed to collect a few $.

Netsflashpay Topup and Win $10

NETS held a lucky draw from June to August 2017.  Topup $20 x 2 times per month and get a chance to win $10.  That was practically free money from NETS every month for 3 months.

There were a few guys who won between 40 to 60 plus cards they used to topup every month, that's $400 to $600 plus free money.  Chances to win the lucky draw was extremely good don't u think so?

I won for the 20 plus cards I have (most gotten free), almost 80% win.  That's $200 of free money every month for 3 months.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

DJIA 7thYear Itch -Will 2017 be Itchy? (Part 4)

There are "3 formula" in my calculator based on my interpretation of the Bible.  The current trend looks very bullish, so I should use the most bullish formula.

It also depends which major cycle I use to calculate, as per earlier articles published.

There are several dates based on the 3 formula and the major cycles. 

Let's watch Oct  20.   I am also looking at Nov 4.

If you believe history repeats, we should be in a bullish 17 cycle!  But when does it start and end?

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

DJIA 7thYear Itch -Will 2017 be Itchy? (Part 3)

Coming up is Friday the 13th October 2017!

It is a PI day!   3.14 x 1000 = 3140 days from DJIA bottom on March 9 2009!

Just noticed that Saturn will be in the same degrees (on the next day) as it was when DJIA topped on Sept 3 1929. That was the same degrees Uranus was at when DJIA crashed on Oct 20 1987.  (planet positions are estimates provided by software available on the internet).

Friday 13th October 2017 is a Water Rooster Day in the Metal Dog Month. 


George Lindsay Long Cycle: DJIA 20 Year Cycle (Part 2)

Now DOW is at a critical juncture!  Will it be Wave 3 down or Wave 5 up? See chart below Refer to my previous post and George Lindsay&#...