Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Stock Market Forecast January 2012

Hmmm.... as I suspected, when the 'nasty planet' reached it's position, it created a Market Top.

So when will markets start to drop?

Shanghai Composite Index seems to be most sensitive to these planets.

My "STI Open Book" do not have data for Dec 27/28 2011. But it indicates a drop from Dec 29 2011.

As I mentioned before, my "STI Open Book" is accurate for forecasting major tops and bottoms (longer term), not to be used for short term forecasting. However, if done correctly, it can be accurate for short term forecasting also, but requires alot of manual analysis.

Yes, alot of work that I'm almost burnt out the past 3 days doing the detailed day-to-day analysis, and still doing in a slower pace.

"A Picture is worth a thousand words"

Oops! 3 pictures of DOW, S&P500 and Straits Times Index Wave Count pointing to the next major move ahead!

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