Wednesday, September 28, 2011

STI Potential H&S Pattern Sept 28 2011

A picture is worth a thousand words!

What could happen to DOW tonight to trigger a potential gap down tomorrow in Straits Times Index?

Or will it trigger a potential inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern in the Straits Times, ie continued rally?

Stay tuned for Stock Market Forecast - October 2011. Will there be a major crash or major rally?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

STI & Dow Wave Count - Crash Ahead?

Looks like the "Killer Wave", Wave 3 of 3, had started with the Hang Seng Index?

When will the "Killer Wave" attack Straits Times Index?

Looks like Straits Times Index is completing Wave 2 of 3 Triangle.

If my wave count is correct, when either support line 1 or support line 2 breaks, then next is the "Killer Wave" .

Will DOW help to kick off the "Killer Wave" tonight?

NTUC Fairprice Shares Pay 6% Dividend 2011

Wow! I just received my NTUC Fairprice Share Dividend and Rebate Notice.

"More Rewards for You This Year!"

"A patronage rebate of 4.5% and a 6% dividend will be automatically credited in your bank account."

Wow! That's for financial year ended March 2011, a 5% plus 1% special dividend and a 4% plus 0.5% special rebate!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stock Market Forecast September 2011 -Crash Part 2?

Wow! Did Stock Markets around the World crash in August 2011 as I forecasted in "Stock Market Forecast August 2011 - Crash Ahead?"

Isn't it amazing that I can use Straits Times Index to forecast the direction of Global Stock Markets, including "Lao Ta" (chinese for big brother DOW). I was shocked on the accuracy of the formula I used to forecast, the first time I used it upon discovery days before the forecast was issued.

Wow! Thanks to W.D. Gann! Thanks to my Stock Market Time Clocks! Thanks to the Stock Market Secrets that I managed to decipher!

Did Stock Markets crash in August 2011?

Oops! Yes and No.

Subsequent to my August 2011 Forecast, I have done additional research and discovered the formula was very accurate even for forecasting past crashes and can be used to forecast Bear Market Bottoms!

Haha, so I'll not be disclosing it here, as W.D. Gann said " In silence, with silence are all things made"

Additional "clues" I used to forecast the August Stock Market Crash:

1. Elliott Wave Count on Straits Times Index. I told you before: "Elliott Waves Make You Rich"

2. Fengshui Forecast - according to a Fengshui Master, watch August till ???

However, Time is still the most important factor according to W.D. Gann.

So where will Stock Markets be heading in September 2011?

Have you read my earlier articles:

1. Straits Times Index/DOW Forecast 2H2011?

DOW 3Peaks Domed House Pattern Update?

Will Stock Markets crash in September 2011?

It appears that Wave 2 rally is finishing, so next is Wave 3 of 3 (if my wave count is correct). Wow, the Killer Wave is coming!

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