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Friday, November 26, 2010

George Lindsay's Timing Models (H&S Top)

There are a few "Experts" (one very good one passed away in 2004) who tried to learn the late George Lindsay's Timing Models and used it for forecasting. Many either "misused" or "misinterpreted" George Lindsay's Timing Models.

George Lindsay discovered the Head & Shoulder Pattern and it's Timing Model. He also discovered "A Long Term Pattern" in the US Stock Market which repeats and created the Timing Model for it.

The One Expert who applied George Lindsay's Timing Models almost perfectly passed away already. Luckily I managed to read some of his works.

Based on his works and my Stock Market Time Clocks and my various research, I managed to understand how to interpret George Lindsay's Timing Models. It is in line with one of W.D. Gann's Secrets! Oops! Unfortunately, only this morning. But it should be useful for the future!

Based on George Lindsay's Timing Models, the Straits Times Index should have reached its Top on November 9 2010! Next is down!

Wow! Another confirmation.

Just added below (2.15pm):

Oops! Forgot to share this. Remember I mentioned in an earlier article many weeks ago "Three Peaks and Domed House, What Next?" I cannot find this piece of information from other sources in the internet to confirm. But I believe it might be in play now:

Three Peaks and Domed House and Its Mirror Image!

After the Three Peaks and Domed House (Head and Shoulder Top in 2007), we should see its Mirror Image. The Mirror Image is "Domed House (2007) and Three Peaks."

Wow! So are we going to see a waterfall decline instead of a Head and Shoulder Top?

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Fred said...

What are your thoughts on the month of December. Sounds like you have locked into a Gann understanding. Not to get into the details of the Gann plan (unless you so desire), but how do you see December and January playing out. Seems like we could be in some trouble into mid to late December, then a rebound of sorts.

Fred said...

How do you see December playing out. Seems like you have identified a top in the market here. Are you calling for a steep decline, or a mild one.

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