Friday, December 18, 2009

W.D. Gann - Master of Stock Market Time Cycles

I dream, to be the next "W.D. Gann – Master of Stock Market Time Cycles, for investing"!

Oops, will my dream come true?

Recently, I've been very busy doing alot of research, reading the “works” of W.D. Gann, etc and testing my Stock Market Time Clocks.

One “W.D. Gann” expert said maybe W.D. Gann knew the mathematical formula. But to continue to sell his forecasting services and training courses, maybe he kept it a secret.

Hmm... I guess so, but he did mention one must read his “works” 3 times, then maybe will get his message (the mathematical formula).

I'm still reading his "works". I have tested his Stock Market Forecasting Cycles and discovered it helped identify whether the turn date will be a top or bottom, whether it will be bear or bull cycle. Stock Market Time Clocks already incorporate W.D. Gann's “secret”!

Oops...I'm still working very hard with my research, still so much more to read, analyse, tests, forecast for 2010, forecast for next 8 years.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates on my research when I'm almost complete!

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