Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sudden WINDFALL $24 Million in Account ?

This morning, I login to check the cash balance in my trading account to confirm money had been transferred to my bank account.

Wow! Surprised to see a sudden increase of more than S$20K in my account balance! Ting! Ting! Ting! First thought was: Wow, they refunded to me all the overcharged commission for the past few years! Called my sister.

Decided to take a second look and do some calculation. Open the account balance again.

Wow! It is S$24 Million, not S$24K!

More compensation?

WINDFALL! Never seen so much money in my account in my LIFE! Huat ah!

Hahaha! Capture it before its gone!

(This morning, I fell down and hit my head against the wall, heard a big "crack" sound. Hope my "skull" is ok. Maybe affected my eyesight. Oops, how long more can I live. Pray for me!)

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