Monday, August 17, 2009

Earn 1.28% Interest on Fixed Deposit!

Wow! Is this the highest and the Best Fixed Deposit Interest Rate and Package available in Singapore?

Yes, I think so! Let me know if you know otherwise.

As part of the Toa Payoh Branch Opening, State Bank of India Singapore is offering this attractive Fixed Deposit Package for a limited period only. Offer is also available at Marine Parade Branch.

  1. Interest Rate: 1.28% per annum for 50K (below 50K also quite attractive)

  2. Term: One Year

  3. Interest Credited to Savings Account on Quarterly Basis

  4. No penalty for early withdrawal: Interest already credited to savings account is yours to keep. ( You know how to benefit from this package lor! Dun know? Talk to me!)

  5. Offer valid till end August 2009.

(Savings Account interest rate at 0.55%. So effective FD interest rate is higher than 1.28%! Wow!

Wow! Isn't this too good to resist? I'm parking my funds there until..... you know lor, when stock market good lah! No worries, 100% guaranteed by Singapore Government.

Oops! More freebies – you also get free gifts when you open a Savings Account!

Want me to receive freebies also?

Just tell them you are referred by Ms Tan who owns a blog called SMARTINVESTING18, hehe, if you happen to drop by Marine Parade Branch, look for Keith lor. Then maybe he will give me a KFC meal voucher, the same gift you will get for the Savings Account lor! Oops!

(I've now been informed that promo is available at all branches. updated August 19, 2009)

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