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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

SARS vs Swine Flu S&P 500 Charts

SARS vs Swine Flu S&P 500 Charts

Wah, so eerie!

Look at the S&P 500 Charts of 2002 vs 2009 noted by one Astro Expert!

In 2002, Venus Retrograde, market crash before retrograde, then rally till venus direct, then go sideways. Then SARS news, market start to decline.

Now, in 2009, looks like history repeated! Well, at least for Venue Retrograde! Will it continue to “mirror” the chart pattern of 2002?

Will S&P decline significantly tonight, like in 2002 (see the big red candle)?

Tonight got market breaking news hor!

Then another astro expert say don't trade, its a bad day!

Wonder what will happen? Let's watch!

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