Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cannot Afford to Be Sick!

We always joke that only the rich can fall sick and they will be alive again cos they can afford all the miracle pills.

Luckily, maybe its because of our genes, we have been very healthy since young. Thanks to my parents lor! However, I do fall sick at times due to extreme work pressure. And it starts with a bad throat, then throat infection, then runny nose, then high fever. For years, no doctor can prescribe medicine to cure this illness, so I resort to chinese medication. Finally, this last company doctor was able to cure me fast. Just one pill, it stopped the runny nose. After 3 pills, my throat infection was better, and fully recovered in 3 days. Another pill not only cure my blocked nose, it helps me sleep well. So I told the doctor, whenever I cannot sleep, I'll take the pill like sleeping pill. And the doctor told me her daughter does that as well.

Now, I dun fall sick liao cos no more work pressure, touch wood! Remember my mum was down with flu 2 weeks ago. I cured her with these medication. Now my family network also keep these medication when needed.

No company doctor liao lor, so need cost effective medication, for me and my family. Hey, medication can only be purchased in the presence of pharmacist ok. I buy from NTUC Unity, guess you know why lor!

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