Sunday, September 21, 2008

Decision on NTUC Income Insurance was Right!

My friend told me her whole life insurance policy with AIA had not break even after 17 years. She was waiting for the 20th anniversary as the policy would likely pay a bonus so she will profit from the policy.

My whole life insurance policy of more than 20 years with NTUC Income almost doubled what I paid. So my decision to insure/invest with NTUC Income was right. Thanks to the following:

  1. My Dad (deceased) who repeatedly reminded me not to waste money buying insurance policies. So I decided to only go for savings or investment type policies with protection, ie I should get my money back at end of term or anytime.
  2. I compared whole life insurance policies among 3 insurance companies and found that NTUC Income gave the most value for money, ie get more money back , breaks even within a shorter period of time and compounding insured amount.
  3. I bought the policy not long after I started working. Starting young means my annual premium will be lower, thereby reaping higher returns and shortens break even period.

Insuring with NTUC Income also gives me peace of mind! Especially now seeing what had happened to others. And I've made myself a long-term shareholder of NTUC Income, so it's money out of right pocket and into left pocket!

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